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I never do reviews but I had to leave one

All I can say is wow. This is truly the exact same game I played as a kid. I’ve been so addicted to it, it’s crazy. Quit reading reviews and go download it!!!!


Played for about an hour. It crashed and it will not reopen.

Absolutely do not buy

I was super excited to get this game, and when I first opened it and chose my park everything was working fine. And now every single time I open the game the first 5 seconds it freezes, then crashes. Haven’t been able to play for longer then 5 seconds. I’m deleted and re downloaded and no difference. I’m also on the iPhone X so I know it’s not on my end. I would really appreciate it if I could have my money back. The absolute worst $6 I have ever spent.

Perfect besides one point

This game is just as much fun as the original one I played on the PC. It is fantastic. The new outline of maps works so well. Each grouping works up from simple to hard. There are a few problems with the game. The first is the size of the buttons. On an IPhone, the buttons are too small, but you get use to it after a while. The next problem is when digging holes, there is no way to make indents or slants. I doubt I am conveying this properly, but making ponds are a nightmare and a hassle. Finally, this is a personal nitpick but I wish some parks are either free park and payed rides or free rides and payed Park. I wish a few parks were both. This game is a blast. Perfect for quick pick up and play sessions. Making rides is fun and designing the park enjoyable. I so love playing this game. Get it, figure out the tricks, and each park turns into an enjoyable challenge to stretch your mind.

Too small

It is way way too small on my phone. It hurts my eyes to try to use it. Unusable as is.

Finally!! A perfect mobile version

This is by far the best mobile port of any game I've played. It stays true to the original in every way: sounds, parks, graphics, etc. but adds touch controls perfectly. I remember the game being much harder when I was 11 so maybe I've just gotten better at the management aspect of the game, but the scenarios do seem a little easy. Still lots of fun though and totally worth the price.

Couple bugs

Awesome game but you can’t build custom roller coasters and on the iPhone X the display size is off and can’t use some menus and icons ....please fix

Not bad, not as expected

People are complaining about the entrance fee vs. ride fee. Honestly the scenario only cares about attendance and park rating. So blow up the loans and win the scenario. You don’t have to pay back the loans and it doesn’t matter. I’d still prefer the original mechanics of allowing entrance fees and ride fees. Then it’s really a ‘classic’ version. Either way I’m still enjoying playing one of my favorite games of all time.

This game is the G.O.A.T.

First of all, LOVE the game. I have been playing RCT on and off for 20 years. A few things: 1. Add the view button back so that users can toggle between underground view or hide scenery, rides, etc., with ease, like the original game. 2. The sync ride to adjacent station checkbox only works if the stations go the same direction, not the opposite. Please fix it so when I build by "Jousting" coaster, it doesn't immediately stop running. 3. I love you.


This game does not work properly do not purchase


Listen... any bad reviews must be coming from kids who weren’t an original RCT & RCT2 fan growing up. But for me, this is everything I could’ve asked for and more. Do you even know how long I’ve been trying to play the original RCT??? It’s been around 15 years since the last time I got to play it. Ever since then, I have been devising ways to play it that never seemed to work. When I found that it came to the iPhone, my life has finally felt like a void has been filled. My life is now complete. All the magic is still there. Whoever thought of the idea to put the original on the App Store, I wish I can hug you a million times. Whoever you are, I love you so much. Thank you for this. I can now relive my childhood.

What Happened?

Why did you destroy your franchise with the new touch version when this game was perfect. Sure we could use some updated graphics, why the micro transactions?! I’ll think different of your company from now on.


Everything is true to the original game the only thing I want changed is to be able to hold down the button to increase prices, loans, entrance fees and things like that. At the moment you have to click the button each time to increase it. Also being able to buy land without individually clicking each tile. Would be nice to click and drag over the land you want to buy. **Can you please make it so I don’t have to click each time I want to buy land!!! I’ve purchased the tool kit expansion so I can make my own scenarios and it’s so annoying to try to make your own park by selected what land you own by I individually clicking. I know you can increase the square so it’s 10x10 but please make it so you can click and drag or something!!!! Same goes for the loans. If I increase the loan amount in a scenario to 500,000 when I actually play the scenario I have to click the button each time instead of just holding it down. 2 easy fixes but it’s been over a year and neither have been fixed. PLEASE FIX THIS


The game is horrible and not worth the money it should be free

Entry fee

How do I setup the entry fee because I’m losing money without it?

Just like I remembered

My brother and I spent so many hours on this game as a kid. I’m kind of shocked at how I’d rather achieve the objectives now than just catapult people off the end of a roller coaster! My only complaint: what happened to November-February? The calendar jumps straight from October to March...

iPhone X

Completely incompatible with my iPhone X. Screen constantly goes dark and many buttons cannot be clicked because it's running off the screen.

Optimize for iPhone X!!!

Frequently when playing the buttons will be off screen and un-pressable, it makes it almost unplayable. Please fix this


Freezes up too much

Honest Review

So I used to play this game years ago on PC. I would always check the app store a lot to see if I could find something as close to this game as possible to play but it always ended in bad copy cat versions. I gave up looking for a while and then my sister texted me telling me to buy this app and try it. She said she had already bought it and it was amazing. I was immediately excited to give it a try myself so I bought it ASAP. Let me tell you this is the best thing I’ve ever purchased in the app store. It is THE EXACT SAME GAME as it was for PC. The only difference ive noticed is that in some maps you can charge for park fee and not for rides, in others you can only charge for rides and not entrance fees. Honestly this made it funner for me because it was more of a challenge. They also included new features that make it easier to play (such as the ‘mark all as same price’ feature so you dont have to constantly change the price of ever food stand you make). Im telling you right now if you liked the PC version have no doubts and buy this app. Not even joking everyone in my household had bought this on their IPads and weve all been addicted the last couple days.


Can’t even get the app to download.....

Just like the original

Absolutely LOVE that this game sticks to its original roots. Gameplay on the iPad is easy to navigate and just as fun as when it first came out almost 20 years ago!

The game was fantastic

It’s just reminded me when I was in my childhood sitting front computer and playing the game, the difficult of levels are perfect, however there is only one thing I don’t happy with is that rides always getting old and you must drop down the price to satisfy the guests, you know I spent lots of time to build numbers of roller coasters(due to the roller coasters are part into mountains or undergrounds, so I can’t apply saved designs) and want to build a park that I dreamt, but the guests are like greedy monsters to ask me to drop down the prices to 50 cents or less even free, it making my works flowed by the water, it’s very reduce my patience to the game.

Timeless design, well treated

Just like the original, runs and plays identical besides touch controls of course. It’s cool carrying a cornerstone from my childhood in my pocket, popping in on my parks or playing for an hour or more like back in the day. Something about it still stands out even in today’s gaming scene, a true masterpiece of game design An option for bigger text and buttons would be nice for iPhone users, and also the sound cuts out when you open notifications, probably the iOS version. Hopefully an update soon


Its just like the pc game its really fun awesome game

Crushing dreams

I love the game but it needs to be supported on a computer. A touch screen version is terrible. I paid for it and after about an hour deleted the game out of frustration.


I have no idea why there would be anything less than 5 stars. This game was my whole childhood & it is identical to the original. The only difference is you can’t charge a fee to get into the park. It’s so so much fun & it’s definitely time consuming. THANK YOU FOR BLESSING US WITH THIS APP. I’d like to see Zoo Tycoon in the near future.

Loved it until it started crashing every 45 seconds

This has been my favorite game, my first love, my only true friend since I was eight years old and I was incredibly excited to have it on mobile with the animation style and attention to detail the RCT series has always had! Now it freezes and crashes every time I try to play. I’m so heartbroken and disappointed. Not sure what’s wrong but please try to fix it!! I’ve cleared space on my phone and even upgraded my iCloud storage hoping that the problem was on my end but haven’t seen any improvement.

App freezing every time

Every park I open will run for about 3 seconds and then the application freezes. I haven’t been able to play the game at all. Looks fun though and the fast forward feature seems really nice. Any thoughts on what I can do to stop the freezing from happening would be greatly appreciated.

Needs update for iPhone X!!!

I want to love this but I can’t with my X. It uses the whole screen but it’s too far zoomed in. I can’t see what I’m typing when I rename things!

Fun game but...

I’ve had to delete it twice already because a tip won’t go away rendering the app useless after that

iPhone X Update Necessary

Unable to do certain things because it’s not formatted for the new screen size

iPhone X issue

On my iPhone X where the camera part of the screen it cuts off the screen part of the game. Other than that perfect!

A classic!

Please update it for the iPhone X aspect ratio ~ pop-ups gets blocked by the menubar.


Hey ummmmm… make the screen better for the iPhone X bcs it’s too big and I’m having a lot of trouble sooo yeah I hope u do


Superb game, just like the original but formatted very well for mobile. It would be incredible if the developers would make this app also compatible with Mac so that players can play on a computer just like the old days. I don’t see why they haven’t already tbh..

Excellent choice!

Brings back all those nostalgic fun memories!!!

Overall, ‘Fair’-ly good port from original.

The short of it: It’s a well-designed port from my childhood for what it is from two dilapidated worlds, but of course it does have at least one ‘game-breaking’ bug (but not particularly bad), thus why I’ve decided not to give it 5 stars. The long of it: Now, let’s be clear here: Expectations were actually low for a series that have seen mediocre titles in recent years at best. But for a game of this particular type which would normally be pretty badly executed, and for the same former reason, this port was actually done surprisingly well. And that’s Ultra-Extremely important for a gamer who’s always had RCT in his heart from his early childhood at a ragtag country farm family reunion.* It has pretty much all the features you would’ve expected from the first two original games: Coasters, Flat Rides, Stalls, etc. (with a few insignificant expections), and pretty much every scenario in the game is accounted for here, with potentially some extra exclusive scenarios if I’m not mistaken. On top of that, you don’t even need the disc - let alone both discs for both *individual* games - to play this one, so you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched and being rendered unusable, by the way. To be fair, the only real reason I’ve decided not to give this game 5 stars was because of a bug, particularly tracked water rides, that would prevent it from ever working properly ‘indefinitely’. More often than not, boats would get caught at the opening end of a non-station track leading up to the station back again, thus resulting in the ‘boat has not returned!’ warning and forcing me to restart the ride. I’ve tried realigning the tracks and reducing the number of boats to prevent future sticky problems, but to no avail, and in fact I actually suspect they might as well have been totally irrelevant to the actual problem concerning these outcomes. This I consider ‘game-breaking’ because it can actually prevent other players from building their rides the way they would like to do them, and that just simply not good. However, since ports tend to have more or less the same code throughout it literation from its PC original as I would probably think, I do actually also suspect that this was a bug with the base game, and not necessarily the port itself. There *are* other spotty bugs that I’ve noticed throughout the course of my entire playthrough so far, but nothing particularly game-changing or anything. Overall, very well done port for what it was from could be described as the worst of both worlds, but it *does* need some work *assuming*, if I’m correct, ports can be recoded. (I actually don’t know this for sure yet, to be perfectly honest.) One last Bonus DL’s Review Game Fact (or at least my own opinion, anyway) before I go: People have all over often complained about the finickiness of RCT Worlds’ spline system. Now, look at it for a moment: Yes, spline systems for tracks and stuff like that *are* in fact hard to implement into a 3d game without being frustrating to use, no doubt about that. But it *is* in fact possible to do, and RCT Worlds does not ‘show’ that “3d splines are hard” - that spline system was simply badly designed. Had that particular one been executed correctly, it would’ve done, at worst, half-decently in-game compared to on paper, and even would’ve been at least mildly enjoyable at best. * That, by the way, despite the agony of having tape on my laptop’s speakers due to a broken volume control, and probably without a charger as far as I know, was actually *the* most memorable part of my time with the RCT series.

Love it !!

Iv loved this since my child hood! Please please add a sandbox mode?? Don’t quite on this app!

Wow....better than the original(s).

I loved this game when it originally came out in 1999, 2002, and 2004 (RCT1,2,3) But to have it on iOS is just amazing, especially the mods they added to coasters like the LSM Launch Tracks on Twister Giga, and Looping coasters. However, they didn’t modify the scenario editor at all, and it is still just as mediocre as the first 2 games. They also did not include any of the mods that users created thru New Element, among others, to create new flat rides, coaster types (RMC, B&M Wing, intamin wing &meg-lite to name a few). This game is really good but I think that Atari could really tap into more of its potential than they have. 4/5 stars. I’ve loved it since I’ve had it, which has been over 24 months!

Can’t download

Why is it saying that my phone is unable to download the game at this time?

Recent Update makes it crash!

Like I’ve said before in my reviews, I love this game! However, the most recent update has the app on my iPad crashing every few minutes. I’m trying to finish up Micro Park and then I’ll move on to the expansion packs but I won’t be able to if this keeps happening! Please fix!

Long time fan!

All I want for Christmas is to be able to play my own music on the rides. Like you could within the PC game. If it can be done I would greatly appreciate it.

One of the best tycoons out on App Store

I have spent hours playing this game and think that it is great! It runs smoothly and easy to play!


Everything looks pixelated. Game is unplayable. Customer support provided no solution


Awesome game.

Great Game But Badly Needs IPhone X Update

Great game, but for god sake can you update this for iPhone X? It’s been several months since the new phone is out, but this screen doesn’t line up - for example, when I’m making a coaster it won’t let me move the creation box because the iPhone X screen doesn’t line up, so it gets stuck! Not fully playable on iPhone X until they update it.

One of the best ports I’ve ever played for mobile

RCT1 was one of my favorite games for PC. When I heard they were putting this on iOS, I made sure to buy it day-one. This game, in my opinion, plays better on the iPad than it did on PC. Here’s to hoping it makes its way to the Nintendo Switch!

Love it

Love this app, definitely just like the original on pc. Had an issue with the game freezing when loading a park, but restarting my iPad fixed the issue.

If you liked the originals

Get this app and support the god Chris Sawyer

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