RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic App Reviews

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Fun Game Needs to be Optimized for the X

Great game. I am having issues with things being cut off and not being able to see things as the game still needs to be optimized for the X. I will update my review if this occurs.

Can we get an iPhone X update

Important features fall into the untouchable areas on the top of the screens not allowing you to close boxes etc. various annoying play function errors evolving mainly around where important interactive graphics fall

Fantastic port

I’ve been a fan of this series since I was a kid, so I was super eager to try it out once I found out this was ported to iOS. I was skeptical at first, I didn’t consider how well designed the port could be since the original engine was coded in Assembly. I have pretty large fingers so it took some getting used to on tapping and selecting certain things, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a very smooth experience! So far I’ve completed about 10 scenarios, and there’s a ton more just in the base game! Highly recommended for any fan of the series.

Just like on the PC

If you’re looking for the same Roller Coaster Tycoon Experience as on the PC, you will be very pleased with this game. It includes all of the parks, rollercoasters, and features that can be found on the original game. Plus, I’ve experienced no flaws in the gameplay; the game has never crashed on me. Overall, this is a must-buy game for anyone who was a fan of the original.

Awesome but...

I wish there was free play like in rollercoaster tycoon 2

Awesome! Classic!

I remember this game when I was in high school, and I’ve been wanting to play it again for a long time. This is so nostalgic, it’s exactly how I remember it. The game isn’t perfect with a finger, but it’s not terrible either. I am playing on my iPhone X so I’m glad that the game takes up the whole screen. Is there a way to back up saves across devices?

Need iPhone X update

I gave it 5 stars anyway because this was my favorite childhood game on PC. Changed iPhones and there is no update for X.

Audio bug after coming back from background

Thanks for updating to support iPhone X size, only problem is once I go out to background and come back the audio is not playing, had to restart the app which is annoying please fix

Just like the old days :)

Loved that this game performs just like the computer version. Had to get used to not being able to set an entry fee for every park, but just making drinks/food etc. a bit higher allows for progress. My only issue is that it kept freezing one day I decided to go back to play after a long time and nothing would fixed it ... I couldn’t get into any parks for more than 5 seconds without it freezing up. I had to reinstall and then everything was GONE, including all the progress I had made and game saves. It is linked to my Game Center account but apparently that isn’t enough to retrieve everything lost. I will still play but I know there were a few levels (making rollercoasters specifically to a certain rating) that took me forever to pass. :( This is the only reason I am not giving 5 stars which it deserved before this happened. 👎🏼


HOW DO I CHANGE THE LANGUAGE?? I love this game but need in Spanish


I have been a fan of this for a long time and I love the port of this! The only thing that I have had trouble with though is trying to get the park on the main menu screen where the settings are. I really want the tycoon park so bad, but is there anyway, any at all, to get the park without struggling to complete the whole gosh diddly darned thing? If so, make an update for more packs like the first two dlc in roller coaster tycoon 1. Otherwise, thank you. 😘


My game keeps freezing after a few seconds.

Overall I like it

I have always been a huge fan of RCT, so seeing this available for mobile was awesome. Literally exactly like the original but as many others have said, I don’t like that you can’t charge admission to get into your park. You end up taking out a huge loan and unless you’re charging a ridiculous price for the rides, it doesn’t get paid off. I barely have the money to expand and make more rides. Hopefully you guys change that!!

I get to relive my childhood!

I remember playing this on my windows 98! This game is worth the money! The nostalgia is real.


This game is very addicting and is very realistic as far as theme park games go. However I would like to see an update containing more coaster types and flat rides. Maybe a few big fixes here and there. Overall, this game is at the top of my list and I can't stop playing it!

Best Strategy Game on Mobile

I’ve played RCT2 since I was seven, & finally having it again with some new features & I can take it anywhere with me is just amazing. So far I have not come across any bugs & I hope this game gets continued support for a long time!

Nostalgia Overload!

I LOVE this game! Seriously, I can’t thank you enough for bring back my favorite game growing up. The only complaint I have is that I can’t get the sound to work. I’ve played so much of this growing up I can practically sing the cheesy fairground music, but I can’t get it to play out of the speakers. Anyone else have this problem?

Free Entrance?

Why can’t we charge people to get into our park? In the original game you can change. Why not in iOS? That’s how you make money.

Love ittt -Nostalgic

I looovedddd roller coaster tycoon as a kid and was so happy to see this game in the App Store. No in app purchases which is great. Love it even more on my iPad.


Awesome just awesome

Would love to enjoy, but..

The UI on this game is WAAAAAAY too small, and there’s no option to scale it up. What a waste of $6. Please fix this.


Just like the PC version! Super fun, addictive, and great for long roadtrips. My only complaint is that the buttons are a little small, but even then, it's easy to adapt to. Excellent job, Atari!

Great app game! Only problem poor iPhone X optimization

Great game but it isn’t optimized for the iPhone X. I noticed that the sound will not work if you swipe out of the screen unless you reboot the app. Can get annoying as I accidentally swipe out quite often or need to check messages. Otherwise great app. Lots of nostalgia while playing this game, and it’s quite true to the original game

Almost perfect!

I played this game on PC so much when I was younger. This app is almost as good as it can get, especially with no in-game purchases. My only complaint is the fact that the admission fee seems to be free in every scenario I’ve played so far. That’s a huge income generator and it was pretty frustrating when I realized I couldn’t charge for admission. I hope being able to adjust the admission price will be added with an update in the future - until then I’ll keep playing as it is because it’s still a fun game regardless.

Crashes upon start up

Hello please help I start a new game and as soon as I begin it freezes.. just bought today and cannot play

Great Game

The game works great and feels just like the old one. It has lots of content and can be enjoyed for a long time. Most importantly, it's not a cash grab, something that's hard to come by on the App Store these days

Make buttons bigger

It’s hard to choose what you want to use because the buttons are to small and there is no way to scale them. You’ll try and rotate the camera and open the map button because they are so close. Please fix

Cluttered interface, but 100% RCT!

While I imagine this is absolutely perfect for a tablet, you’ll get a bit frustrated with the cellular port of this classic game. You don’t realize how tiny your screen is until you try to create intricate buildings and decorate your beautiful gardens. But it’s still 100% rollercoaster tycoon, and it’s still great!

Long time fan! Request

All I want for Christmas is to be able to play my own music on the rides. If it can be done I would greatly appreciate it

Best game ever

Was skeptical to buy this because wasn’t sure it would be the same as the computer version . It’s pretty much the same and worth every penny have been playing for hours !

Nostalgia at its best - just fix entrance pricing

If you liked the game when it first came out, there’s nothing you won’t like about this version. Same game, same fun, just on the go now. Only thing I’d change is to be able to have a part entry fee instead of only relying on ride and food pricing. Only thing I could complain about. Everything else about this is perfect

App is still crashing

Regardless of update app still crashing after a few minutes of game play! iPad model A1566 running on version 11.2.1! Tried turning off iCloud saving, redownloading, and turning off Game Center but still crashing!

Works Fine

I remember this game from when I was younger and it works exactly the way I expect it to. No bugs or glitches that I’ve noticed although, as some have pointed out, you can’t charge anyone from entering your park. Your park is always free, which is annoying, but other than that, no issues.

Thrilled To See This Classic.

Hello, I want to first say that I played all of the RCT games growing up and was ecstatic when I saw RCT Classic on the App Store. I have run into a few issues that are negatively affecting my experience and I’m sure I am not the only one. First, with the most recent iOS update, it has not been iPhone X friendly. When trying to custom design a coaster, it places the top bar with the “x” icon behind the money bar, preventing me from closing the window or dragging it anywhere. Also the “notch” on the iPhone X often covers up various windows that the player opens, as well as the rounded corners of the screen seem to partially cut off some “back” buttons. When trying to build a saved coaster track design, I am not given the choice for how high or low I would like to build it. I was curious if there was a way to raise or lower saved designs. For example, when I begin a custom designed coaster with the first station section, I am able to adjust its initial height. This is not an option when placing saved track designs, only rotation and mirroring. Lastly, I’ve noticed that if you place any type of food/drink/kiosk/restroom directly across from the entrance of a queue, guests that are then walking away from said kiosk will enter the queue without the intention of riding the ride. They will walk through the people standing in the existing queue all the way to the entrance and turn around and walk away. Besides this being an eye sore, I wonder if this could possibly be leading to guests complaining about getting lost or stuck, or a poor path layout. I will happily change my rating to 5 stars if the updates continue to roll out, as I have spent hundreds of hours playing the games in RCT franchise growing up. Definitely worth the buy.

Please add iPhone X support

The notch on the iPhone X covers important parts of the UI when playing. Please update the game to properly support iPhone X displays.

Great but change park admission fee!

Change park admission fee ability!

Very annoying controls

Instant regret

Love this game and now it has iPhone X support!

Just got IPhone X support I was thinking it would take a while to get updated, so happy to see it!!

Childhood Restored

Loved playing this game growing up with Nickelback at its prime. I would always be so close to completing the series and my dad would uninstall it since I only played in summers. I felt so victorious finishing all the scenarios in this mobile version. My one complaint is that I have NOT been able to buy the in-app purchases. They are not an option in my iPhone app and really bums me out since now that I’ve access to Tycoon Park would like access to the expansions. Please fix this issue. Worth every penny and all the time I’ve put into it too. If you grew up playing this game you’ll love its return!

iPhone X

Support for that large beautiful screen please? 💜 edit YAY IPHONE X SUPPORT I LOVE YOU 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Worth every penny.

I’ve never bought an app before, but I couldn’t resist this. It’s EXACTLY like the old computer game. It’s so much fun. There are so many parks to complete it will definitely provide me with fun for a long time. I’ve already completed several parks and haven’t noticed any bugs or glitches. A lot of people complain about not charging entry fees, but certain parks do it’s all a part of the strategy of the park and what the requirements are to pass it. I definitely recommend it, and I’m so glad that after years of searching I’ve found it in a nice modernized version.

Better than before

I’ve been playing this game on and off since 1999. Such a great game. It’s even better on iPad than it was on Windows 98!

Re-Live Your Childhood

Wow this brings back memories!

Memories restored

When I stumbled upon this game I was so excited I went and bought the pro before testing the free version out. I know that is silly but this is a classic to me. I used to play this when I was a young teen. The smoothness of playing on a phone is quite easy and it has so many levels. Great buy, great fun, great memories.

iPhone X Support

In game windows get stuck behind status bar at the top of the screen on iPhone X. Makes the game unplayable.

Minor problem

The in-game windows lack images if you toggle in and out of the app. That being said, this is a great game and well worth it.

Love the game hate the change

Love the game and when I played the other roller coaster tycoons they never quite hit the mark for me like this game. However like the other reviews I wish there was a way to charge for park entrance costs like the original game. Not sure why this was changed but would appreciate that fix. Otherwise I love it and don’t have a complaint.

Add more parks!

Best game on the App Store by far. Throws me right back into 1999! Great functionality, still challenging to play, a complete classic! Thank you so much for giving iPhones a perfect rendering of a pc game!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The first time I opened this game, I was immediately nostalgic for the time when we had internet connections through the phone line and AOL was the next big thing! Only disappointment is that there is no way to adjust the entrance fee for the park, and also that they do not have the black pool park included as well as a sandbox mode like RCT3. Otherwise, this game is absolutely awesome!

Great game

This game is amazing, thanks for the update.

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