RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic App Reviews

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Love it. But.

I’ve played this game for the past 18 years. I still play it. Honestly i don’t like the versions that came after it just because they were 3D and they somehow spoiled the fun. The simply 2D views and complex game play rules make this game wonderful, i feel it was way ahead of time when it came out. I don’t know if rct2 is still based on symbolic AI. I would love to see less pixelated graphics, more Intelligent guests, more things to take care of in the park, in an update of the game.

Good .... but

First can get ahold of anyone in customer support , fun game to an extent . Not sure where the previous guy is talking about you can charge for admission , I have played all the different ones and you can’t charge in admission for ANY . Not sure if it’s glitch or what but you can’t . Second thing is the reasearch stops at a certain point you don’t get close to half of what you did on the computer game . Here was no steel rollercoaster half the food items are missing etc etc and there is only eye popping rides twister and pirate ship .

Stopped working

I was SO excited to play this game again, it brought back so many memories because it’s exactly like the old one you would download to your computer. But after about two months of playing, it all of a sudden just stopped working. I log in to my saved game, it opens it up fine, then maybe a minute of playing, it freezes and doesn’t turn back on. I tried deleting and re-downloading, still nothing. Such a bummer!

Love it, only want one thing.

The thing that I loved about the original is that I had a sort of a ”free mode”, where you could just open a new park and start from scratch. Would love that option here.

Love it!

I loved this game as a child and I’m so thrilled they kept it the exact same it brings back a lot of memories!

iCloud not working; not in Mac App Store

This is a five star game. However, I have a few complaints. The graphics need to be updated to be higher resolution. I know it’s the “original,” but those sprites need to be redrawn at higher resolution for retina displays. It looks REALLY bad. It’s not charming, just bad. Secondly, the iCloud support doesn’t work for me. My iPhone and iPad have two different groups of saves. Thirdly, while this game technically works on macOS via Steam, it is not on the Mac App Store and your progress does not sync over iCloud, which is a hideous oversight. I’m not sure why using extremely simple APIs is so hard for big developers.

What’s Going On?

I paid my $5.99 for this game and I keep trying to update it but it keeps saying “ App not available anymore “. Does that mean I’ll be refunded my money or ?

Playable but buggy and abandoned by the developer

This is an incredible and nearly perfect port that is worth every penny. The developer sadly has abandoned this game leaving a number of minor but frustrating bugs. Most, but not all, focus around iPhone X support. I’ve contacted them with reproduction steps only to be ignored. There are some input, UI, and sound issues but this is still a super playable game. Highly recommend the expansions. Chris Sawyer, if you are reading this, we could use some bug fixes! All said, I’ve spent countless hours playing this game and can’t recommend it enough. The controls somehow manage to be even better than the PC version. Wish there was a way you could cheat in the mobile versions but the game is so fun, as is, this is a minor complaint.

Can’t Charge Park Admission

Can’t charge admission on the parks so never enough Money to build rides and things! Loans for parks are not high enough to cover it.

Excellent Gameplay and True to the Original

Great and easy to learn controls, and everything is just how it was in RCT/RCT2. Buy this!


Love love love this game !!! I wish they would do the original Zoo Tycoon game also!

It’s good if you want to play seriously but you can’t make death coasters

Just make us be able to kill guests it’s good if you like playing games like this but this is trash if you can’t do that and expecting you could and paying for this game for this reason.

Not for IPhone X

Needs an update for IPhone X. The game will not function correctly until they fix it. (The screen size is wrong.) But, it’s a great app otherwise.

Good but

Fun like the old one. The problem is unlocking new scenarios.. Gets to the point where you have to finish scenarios you don’t want to play to move forward.. One of which is not building anything above tree height. If that’s not bad enough you can’t remove trees and they are everywhere. Who thought that one would be fun..Once you get up to Coral group you have to finish nearly all senarios to unlock the next group..

Great Game!

I love this game! It brings back memories from when I was a kid and playing this game after school. All I ask is to Bring out a Zoo Tycoon!!! I miss that game, too!

The Changed ONE Thing!!! FIVE STARS

I played this for less then five minutes. When I saw that they automatically don’t have the handymen mowing lawns I shed a single tear and knew in my soul that everything would be alright. God Bless America. Goodnight.


My parks were going great and then 1 was gone. I tried to update and all are gone. How can I recover all my parks.


So much fun to play and EXACTLY like the computer version. I can take it wherever I go ❤️❤️. Best purchase by far

A CLASSIC with an issue

I LOOOOOOOOVE THIS GAME!! I play this game any given day or time I have but it has an issue that I hope they choose to fix but they may not. The guest in this game are retards. They head to a ride and instead go to a dead end and stay there, then a crowd of others do the same and your park rate goes down all of a sudden and it’s a pain. When they have a park map in hand, an issue like this shouldn’t be occurring but it is. If you can fix this but other then that I LOVE THE GAME.

Would love to rate higher, but...

...this game is literally unplayable on the iPhone X. Buttons, text, and text boxes are entirely off the screen, so it’s not at all worth picking up on Apple’s new devices. Hopefully this is fixed soon so I can bump up the rating.

This is for the iPhone version

On the iPhone X, the buttons hide behind the cutout. Makes the game barely playable

iPhone X issues

I recently got an iPhone X and when i opened the game there were some issues. The windows that open when you go to build a ride are to large and parts can be hidden because of the top bar of options or the bottom bar of options. When you got to name anything the area that displays the name you are writhing is off the screen. I guess what I’m trying to say is some of the proportions are off tending to be to large making it hard to maneuver during game play. If you could address this you’d be super awesome! Other then that this is still one of my favorite games ever!


A classic game remastered for iOS without losing any of its original glory. Only complaint is that I can’t use the controls easily without removing my phone case.

Its good but

Its a good game but it used up all my battery so just have charger with you


I bought this game and all the packs. The one thing that was most upsetting for me was with the scenario builder. I felt frustrated after spending several hours buying plots of land one block at a time. Then on top of that I had to double tap every space. There needs to be a tool to fill in more at a time like the old version had. Also the options box needs an exit x in the corner to close it. I other wise love this game. Please fix the building issue.

Can you let us intentionally kill people


Super nostalgic

Roller Coaster Tycoon was one of the games I played the most growing up and this game plays exactly like the originals.

Very good one problem

This game is amazing I play it 24/7 but one of my parks won’t load it can you help me thank you

LOVE It...but

I truly love this app and spend hours on it. But in the last few months it has developed a bug. If I go into multitasking mode, which I do often on accident, it freezes. It works again if I hit pause and then play, but there’s no sound. I have to close the app and restart it to get the sound back. Please fix this bug!

So fun!

This game brought back so many memories! It's so fun to mess around with. At first, the advanced controlls can be a little complex but when you get the hang of them it makes it so much better! Im hope/wishing for a Zoo Tycoon...

Great Remake, needs Improvement

RTC Classic is a remake of the original Roller Coaster Tycoons 1 and 2, and it’s pretty fun. The scenarios are almost exact to the originals, includes almost to all the features of the originals, and even introduces more stuff to make the game even better. My issues with it are as follows: Considering this is a REMAKE and not a direct port, the team could’ve introduced simple stuff that fans have wanted for years, such as testing unfinished rides and a sandbox mode. Also, the amount of vandalism in my park can get insane even though I have like 10 security guards (and the park is usually small. 4/5 because you can play a remastered one of the most iconic games of all time on the go without losing nostalgia, but not 5/5 because they didn’t add simple mechanics fans wanted for years.

Childhood right in your pocket.

A childhood gem that still holds up today. That's why it's a classic. **On a serious note RCT has always been a pick me up game after heart breaks or coping with depression. Creating rides and keeping my park tidy always helped to sooth fresh wounds or settle my mind. It has saved me from getting into trouble or falling deeper into a rut. I'm generally a happy person don't get me wrong but a game that has a healing element is truly special. Thank you Chris Sawyer and team for one of the greatest games created.

Only 1 Glitch, Otherwise Perfect

The glitch: my game crashes if I try to build a maze. Completely exits. Otherwise, this game is amazing! Just like my childhood. Thanks so much for turning it into an app. I’m enjoying it all over again.

Bad for iPhone X

The notch on the iPhone X is blocking so of the features please please please fix that

Better than the original please add iCloud support

It's way better than the original. Just perfectly executed for mobile. Best port I have seen. Now the only thing that's missing is iCloud support, so I can start a level on my iPad and then continue it on my iPhone. Thank you, Michael.

Great Port

Truly a perfect port of a classic game. Bought all the expansions and my only (ONLY) complaint is that there are some roller coaster types (B&M wing, intamin, larger dive coaster, etc.) that weren’t given to me when I restored my purchases after redownloading the game.

My favorite game on the iPad, and just like the PC original

Just like the original game on the computer when I was a kid! Except now when I’m itching to play it’s at the convenience and mobility of being in my iPad that I can take anywhere and play anywhere 😊 It’s so worth getting! I’m so happy they released it on the iPad and iPhone and are keeping it updated! Thank you!

The Best

Probably the best rendition of an old PC Game . Now if they could bring back Sim Golf!!! flawless nostalgia . I’ve made some improvement notes and the RCT crew instantly updated the game for the more new phones . Love this game and have always loved it . If you love sandbox games and creating your own theme park definitely worth the $ .

Just like the original, just one problem

It’s fun and I’m enjoying it, but I started with Forest Frontiers and I can’t change the admission price. Right now it’s set on Free. I don’t remember if it’s like that in the computer game but I thought you could change it

Fun but

This game is really fun but it would be really cool if you guys added a sandbox mode

Handyman need fixed

Handyman continuously get stuck at the exits of rides and goes back and forth. Also the guests puke an awful lot it seems. Please fix the handyman glitch, its kind of annoying but other than that, its a really awesome game like the PC and Xbox game was.

Needs improvement

Some of the cleaning and maintenance mechanics, at times, broken. Other times, (even where I try to not hire a single employee), never comes into play. Seriously needs fixing as it breaks many of the included scenarios. Aside from that, the custom scenario creator could DEFINITELY use improvement. As a paid add on you’d think this would add significant replay value to a broken port of a classic game. I was sadly mistaken. You can only play custom scenarios created by friends. Not sure why I assumed there would be any kind of community interested in sharing unique scenarios or playing any of mine. TLDR; Although I love what this app tries to be, I cannot recommend even the base version of the app. Maybe if it was free with ads on the loading screen, otherwise no.

Graphics Pixelated 4/24/18

Past month graphics when zooming out go from great to completely pixelated and blocky. Don’t know what changed didn’t start like this... Great game besides that.

Loving it!

Dude! Omg this is memory !!!! Everything is exactly the same. I used to play this a lot when I was in high school or something...

Best Classic Game Ever!

Now if you wanna make Dangerous Rollercoasters 🎢 and Endanger the Guests at your Amusement Park, that's your beef.. Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic is one huge game to spend hours on and build amazing rides! The game bought my childhood back to those glory days where I build insanely huge rollercoasters going back & forth. The packs they added such as wacky worlds & Time twisters are a must have! This games amazing I'm thinking on buying the toolkit to share my amusement park and it's ideas to Everyone! 5/5! 🎢☔️🗺🎪🏰🎠🏯⛲️🏗📲

Limits on charging for admission disappointing

I love playing the game, but it’s incredibly disappointing to see a great game adapted, but with limitations on how you can play the game which were completely unnecessary. Why take away a feature instead of letting the player choose whether he or she wants it or not? I would have given 5 stars if not for that.

Waste of money

I spent 5 bucks on this game and 5 more on the tool kit to customize my park. I found out the hard way that the tool kit is absolute garbage. It won’t let me build any rides and it won’t save my file. What an absolute wast of 10 bucks.


This game is so great! It brings back so many memories, the game was gifted to me so I can’t say “worth every penny” but it sure is worth it! I have something to say. On my iPhone X the screen kind of overlaps and I can’t see all the buttons it’s like they are cut off, other than all that it’s amazing! Reminds me so much of my childhood. But if you guys could please fix that issue on iPhone X

Unplayable on iPhone X

The screen isn’t optimized for the cut out on the iPhone X. The UI is also very glitchy and impossible to work with. I just built my first roller coaster and all it will let me do is name it. I want my money back.


This app is just like how it was on the PC there’s nothing wrong with it but a couple of complaints from me. So, I noticed that the game runs smoothly and stuff but, the sound seems to cut off after a while and it’s quite annoying and, I always wonder why it does. Also, the font for everything seems small I mean I know it’s like a mobile version but it’s quite small. I can’t find the six flags park either is it still in this version.

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