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Was there ever a sandbox mode on this one?

It was always hard for me to get money. If there is a sandbox mode could u add it pls

Attention ! Fix This Major Issue

So I was playing the game for hours , no problem and I loved it but there is just one problem I came a across. I was leveling out my building area when I tried to swipe over but instead it raised my building area so I had to drop it back down. This was no problem until I realized it made me completely broke 😡. Please fix this slide to build level feature. It’s so simple to accidentally swipe your screen and ruin the whole game. If you fix this you’ll get 5 stars for sure.

Pretty Good

But you cant kill people because they are too smart. Also my employees wont appear but other than that its still good


Freezes on new iOS


I remember playing this game on my computer years ago, it’s exactly like the computer version! I was hesitant to buy it at first but it was worth the money. It’s a great game and I hope they bring Chris Sawyers Locomotion to the ios platform too!!!!

Chris Sawyer’s Game!

This is THE definition of a perfect port of a perfect game. No, this is not a watered down, weaker version of the master piece Chris Sawyer released in 1999 and 2002; this is HIS mastery. Both RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 and 2, inclusive of all of the expansion packs rolled into one app that you can take on the go in your pocket is worth it in my book, even if I don’t actually build anything on the phone, I just look at my parks that I IMPORT! Yes! You can import parks you or other people have made on the PC (assuming you buy the DLC of course). Other than the expansion packs, scenario builder and import tool, there is NO DLC, no pay to win crap, not the awful Atari RCT4 mobile game, this IS the best game ever. Still prefer it on PC, but nevertheless, I love this game. TL/DR: Fantastic, flawless port of the best PC game ever.

Literally the only reason I still have an iPad

Amazing job porting this to iOS. Some small bugs on occasion - example of the one that bugs me the most would be that after a while of gameplay the previews of rides in the ride builder disappears. But honestly, it’s such a minor issue. Extremely worth the money!

Brings back my childhood memories

Seriously amazing. Game works perfectly with the iPhone. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!

Great game

I loved this game as a kid. The same game here on my iPhone it’s great! I wish the graphics were updated a little bit other then that it’s perfect


Big fan of this game played it on windows 96 it’s exactly like it was then! Only issue with it is The app is not optimized for the iPhone X please update this!

Compatibility for the iPhone X

I live the game however I would like to see the screen used to its fullest potential with this game. Idk wishful thinking i guess.

iPhone X

Support for that large beautiful screen please? 💜

Great game, great memories.

Amazing to see this title available on the App Store brought back memories playing RCT with the old man. The only thing I have to add is the free to enter the Park thing, it makes getting the Park started quite difficult.

5 stars

Very impressed with this game. No glitches or crashes so far. Just like the old PC game.. love it!

A near perfect port, one suggestion

I am in love with this game. It has brought back so many memories and I have really enjoyed playing all the old scenarios from my childhood. For the iPad version of this game, keyboard support would be a very welcome addition. Being able to rotate the map and open various windows with shortcuts is a feature that would make this app 5 stars for me.

I can't believe it!

Will you be updating it to fit the new iPhone X screen size? I really hope so! —— I was a HUGE fan of the classic build of this game for PC, and couldn't be more happy with how on point this version for iOS is. Thanks for such a great app!

Amazing. Living my childhood

Love it. I am very impressed how this operates on an iPad. The original RTC is my favorite. I have spent hours re living my childhood memories. This is a must buy

Can’t change price of rides!! :(

I just downloaded this and I loved it as a kid. It’s perfect so far except I can’t change the price to ride the rides, so it’s all free!! I have no way of winning and I don’t know what to do :(

Uhh Yes!

Works better than it did on pc back in the day. I just bought and have played for hours already. Don’t know if there is one but needs a tutorial for noobs.

Do not purchase for use on iPhone 6s

Or similar sized screen. Controls/buttons in gameplay are way too small for your fingers to manipulate accurately.

Great game! Just a couple things

I have been searching for this for years on the App Store and couldn’t believe it when I saw it and had some doubts but after playing today it’s brought back so many memories it’s exactly like the old computer game and I agree with all the reviews saying worth every penny. Just a couple things I don’t understand why it’s free to get in the park now that was huge back in the day charge 20$ to get in your off to a good start I see some people spend 2 hours in the park spent 6$ have 60$ in their pocket and they’re leaving please change that. Also I got the game last night played all today had an awesome park going money was going up like crazy I had the loan debt paid off had 5,000$ I was set I hit fast forward and got up to let my dog out gone 10 minutes come back I had lost 800 people I was negative 2,000$ I had to take out a loan again that got eatin up and now I’m still -800 people and I am in debt of about 20,000$ including loans I have no idea how to even get back up there’s nothing I can do so I don’t know ... help? What a waste of a day. Thanks other than that I can’t find anything else wrong with it.

Just like the original!!!

I was very surprised when I bought this that it worked exactly like the originals (which are incredible). I have had this game for over 2 months now and I’m still playing! However a few bugs are here and there though, but are not too major, just little things I’d like to point out for their next update. For example, when you place scenery around a ride another piece of scenery, the part of the ride or piece of scenery will slightly disappear where they meet graphically. Another thing is that when guests ride the merry-go-round, no matter how many people are on it, it appears empty with no guests. Lastly, I just want to suggest that the developers should add a multiplayer option, just like openrct2 and add the real parks from the original games. Besides that, if you are looking at this game wondering if it’s a good purchase, I say a big YES!

Addon’s don’t work

Sadly not even a response from support. Paid for the add ons in the game and due to a bug of some sort. Can’t access them.

Beautifully executed. Addictive as the original.

The game works terrifically and is flawlessly adapted to iOS. Immediately upon launch I was immersed in the game. No crashing, no weird UI, just pure fun. The dev team have really delivered on this one.

Love This Game But...

This game is dope. I used to spend hours-on-end building epic parks and completing reasonably simple scenarios on a desktop running Windows XP *Shudders* So I was absolutely heartbroken when my computer crashed (frikkin Microsoft!) and I never got to unlock all of the awesome scenarios. Now I can finally do that! I just wish the developers would add a dang ATM. My little dudes can't afford the rides. Otherwise I'm loving this game!

Amazing job

Exactly what you would want, RCT but redesigned for mobile use. I'm ecstatic to see that they went with a one time fee rather than hindering the gameplay by riddling it with micro transactions and time gates. Wish more mobile games were actual games like this and not cash grabs.

Better than original

This is a must own if you like the old style Roller Coaster Tycoon Games. It perfectly replicates the original game and is well worth the money. Including the expansions. On steam and got the game cost more than it does on the App Store and Google play. The most important seller for this version of the game is improvements. It fixes all of the original PC version glitches. On top of that they make the game easier by adding features. In scenario builder you can now place bunches of scenery instead of placing them one by one. You can now import and export saves, scenarios, tracks , ect. You can even still import mods! I’ve put hundreds of hours into the original, Steam version, and this version. It’s by far the best of all of them . The colors are more vibrant, no more glitches, great user interface, and so much more.

Best game you’ll ever play!

I been waiting 10 years for this Concept to happen. This was my childhood game! And I am happy and proud that Atari brought it to the App Store. Thank you! Finally! When I saw the app I didn’t even hesitate, I already pressed the Buy bottom and said take my money!

Best Game Ever

I love this game. It’s the best 6 bucks I have ever spent in my life. I would probably recommend buying it even if it costed 20. The nostalgia kills me every time I open the app


Brought me right back to childhood. So much fun and I’m in my twenties. Definitely would recommend.

No Sandbox Mode + Glitches

Great app but would be a 5/5 if there was a Sandbox mode like on the original and there are still a few glitches, including one where my guests couldn’t find the entrance to a ride when it was right in front of them. Needs to box addressed.

A mode to create your own park!!

Can there be an update to where we can create our own parks??

Just Amazing

No micro-transactions, just classic rollercoaster tycoon with nearly infinite gameplay. Just like the original pc version; the levels, sounds, gameplay, everything. Blown away by this app.

Sandbox for free, please

If I’m spending 5.99 on an app, I don’t want to spend anymore and I would also expect the game to have no in app purchases except dlc, on the original game the sandbox came with the game but now... you have to spend an extra 5.99 on it. Just for sandbox. That would be a total of 11.98 on an app. I would love this game and tell my friends to get it but the sandbox is what made the original so good because you could do anything you want but now you don’t get it and you have to spend the same amount on the game just to get the sandbox. Please give us sandbox for free please

Great app!!

I love this app so much. One problem when you select teal as a color it turns orange please fix. Keep up the good work!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Great, but needs sandbox mode...

I love roller coaster tycoon , and this game is the best, but I have one complaint: there is no sandbox mode! Please add a sandbox mode that also includes real parks!

Love it! Scenario editor could be better...

I love this game! It takes me back to my pre-teen years, and like then, I find myself playing this game all the time. I think I enjoy it even more now as an adult. I wish the scenario editor would allow me to sell all of the land as owned/rights/buyable instead and making me select small little pieces of land but by bit. This takes FOREVER and makes me regret buying the scenario builder.

Park admission

Only thing that drives me crazy is the free admission to the parks. I never know really how to adjust the prices for the rides. You charge too much they don’t get on, too little then you lose profit. I liked it better when you just charged admission to the park. So much easier that way. Otherwise I’m loving that I can play this again!


No matter what you do, the park always fails! There is litter everywhere and rides constantly break! Your park always fails after a certain amount of time no matter what you do!

Nostalgic factor, but PLEASE fix glitches

THANK YOU for remaking this classic game on the iPhone! It is AMAZING. But please fix the glitches! The glitch I experienced today was my guests not being able to have access to food/beverage/dessert stands. The game said there was no path, no way for guests to get there... but there was clearly a path and it was facing the correct direction. Please fix this!!

Thank you!

Update 10/11/17 No entry sign now working, still no sound! 🙃 Perfect!!! Amazing! Just like the original and with a few cool upgrades that add to the game without detracting from it AT ALL. Can speed up time, rides can be built with scenery and entry points already intact and new rides, shops and theming. Everything else is so much the same RT in all its glory. Only issue I've found is that the "no entry" function on the banner signs does not work; people just walk right through them.

Saving bug

The game is awesome, but it’s having trouble saving my game. I’ll play for a while or even over a few days and then I’ll log in and a lot of the game hasn’t been saved. It’s weird and I hope it gets fixed soon so I can play again.


I really love this game series so I decided to purchase this for myself. Awesome game with great features! I wish they would add some more modern features to certain ride types and coasters (ex. more inversion types for the vertical drop coaster) and more modern types of roller coasters (RMC Woodies and Hybrids, B&M Wing Coasters etc) other than that this app is great!

This is the kind of game I want to see on the App Store

It seems like every game coming out these days is free to play garbage with gameplay revolving entirely around purchased consumables. And with iOS’ switch to 64 bit, many of the paid “full game” apps from the early days of the App Store no longer work. Their developers abandoned them in favor of free to play junk (RIP Simcity Deluxe) This is the real deal, the classic game in its entirety with some nice enhancements for mobile. The in app purchases are added content and not some stupid currency, another plus. This is the only game I play on my iPad these days. Please, App Store developers, make more great games like this!

So it can be done!

Amazing adaptation of a classic title to today’s platforms. I haven’t seen any glaring glitches but I would like to have the ability to charge for the entrance fees. Otherwise, great job!

Almost like the computer original

This game is greatly adapted for the smartphone, but the park entrance fee is not be changed from free so it’s really difficult to play. This is pretty frustrating to be honest and I wish it’d be fixed. I know some parks have fixed park entrance fees but a lot of them don’t. PLEASE FIX THIS DEVELOPERS!!

Why aren’t we shouting this game’s existence from rooftops?

Make no mistake! This is the classic RCT. The rides, the scenarios, guests struggling to get out of a paper bag, etc. I was floored when I found this 2 nights ago. How has this been out for iPad for nearly a year without me knowing? A couple of the controls are a bit tricky where having a mouse helped (e.g. placing a premade ride), but really well ported to suit touch controls. I would have paid double for this game and expansion packs. Easy.

This IS the Original Game

Played this game in elementary school when it first came out and was obsessed with it. Now at 30 years old, I’m playing it again and love it just as much if not more. Love how much content is here. I downloaded the original iOS “FarmVille” version a few years ago and hated that they turned it into that. This one however was well worth the 6 bucks.

Need to fix SIGN Bug!

This is a wonderful rendition of one of the greatest games of all-time! But, after playing for a long, LONG time I've got a new bug that is KILLING me: I can longer build signs of any sort, so I can't take care of any congestion! Got a PR of 0 'cause of it.

Thank you

I've played this game for ten years and I've loved it for so long but until now I haven't had a practical way to play it. This game combines everything that was great about the first two games and adds more. All of the parks from the first two games and new ones too. Also the addition of LSM launch track on Twister and Giga coasters. It's so great being able to make real launch coasters. There is a problem though with some parks where all my guests wouldn't be able to find the park exit and will get mad and drive my park rating from 999 to 0. Also a glitch where I can't see anything on my map or any of the ride option screens or the construction menus. These are minor things though. The one thing that is really annoying is the amount of battery this game uses however this can't be helped so I can understand. Anyway if you like this game before I can't recommend this game to you enough I've play at least 300 hours so far and don't plan on stopping anytime.

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