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This app is just like how it was on the PC there’s nothing wrong with it but a couple of complaints from me. So, I noticed that the game runs smoothly and stuff but, the sound seems to cut off after a while and it’s quite annoying and, I always wonder why it does. Also, the font for everything seems small I mean I know it’s like a mobile version but it’s quite small. I can’t find the six flags park either is it still in this version.

awesome love it like the old days but.......

i can't change the admissions for my park which is dumb esp when you have over 900 people there

Best Game ever!!!

I love this game because there’s so much historical parks to choose from and you can create different rides and attractions. I have this game on my laptop and it works the same. Now that I saw this on the App Store I was in shock, I’ve never seen anything like this in the store. There’s even a website called RCTgo where you can download so many new parks and rides for this game and it’s great! Thank you for this app, it’s the best one yet.

Needs to be updated for the iPhone X

I bought this game and would play it on my previous iPhone. It worked fine. However, on my iPhone X, the corners of the game are cut off, which is quite annoying.Please fix this.

Please update for iPhone X

Hard to use because of the notch on the iPhone X.

Very Poor iPhone X Support

Can’t input text because the custom keyboard doesn’t properly display on an iPhone X screen, and constant window dragging because the pop ups show in the notch area makes the game frustrating to play on my X. Didn’t Apple publish design guidelines and you’re directly going against them?

Favorite game

The only thing that bothers me is there aren’t any new expansion packs

Amazing, but needs to be updated for iphone X

Exactly like the original and just as fun, the UI is pretty intuitive and if you knew the original PC game really well then you'll pick this back up in no time. Really recommend it, it's best when viewed on an Ipad. It does need to be updated for the Iphone X as the margins and menus get cut off by the corners of the screen. Would love to see that fixed! I played the original for years as a kid and was so happy to see someone made it into a legit app. Goodbye to my social life...

A little frustrating

I realize this game is a big piece of nostalgia for many people leaving reviews. I’m sure that eventually once I painstakingly figure out how to do anything I’ll like it too. However for first time players, this game would have greatly benefitted by having an actual tutorial built in to step-by-step guide you through the process of building and managing a basic park scenario. Instead of restarting a park over and over to try and figure the process out, I bought the toolkit thinking i’d just be able to jump into an easy sandbox mode to fiddle with until I get the basics. Nope. Still confusing. It should be clear in the product description that there is no tutorial. Again, I get that many people have played loved and enjoyed this game for years and I would love to do the same, but without any real tutorial help to get me started besides some EXTREMELY BASIC “tips” I am disappointed. I was hoping to be able to jump in and have some fun right away instead of searching for internet tutorials to help me know what to do.

Why is my screen fuzzy??

Absolutely loved this app and game but after a few months of playing everything became fuzzy and no longer clear! I’ve tried deleting and restarting and nothing helps. Please update the game and get this Fixed!

App is still crashing

Regardless of updates app still crashing after a few minutes of game play! iPad model A1566 running on version 11.3! Tried turning off iCloud saving, redownloading, and turning off Game Center but still crashing! No improvement!

Great game-few problems

Atari did a really nice job on this. There’s no bs micro transactions and it plays just like the original rct 1 and 2. Few issues: buttons are way too small for even my small fingers and you have to pause the game to change the see-through options. That should be a button on the side of the screen, not in the “options” button in the pause screen.

A seemingly perfect port

It's just as it was when you played it on your computer in 2002. Obviously the UI has changed a bit to work with the different screen, but it might take you 15 seconds at most to know where everything is at. Lack of any working sound really takes away from the whole experience tho. There is zero sound at all, no music, no people sounds, no ride sounds, nothing. Still worth the 6 bucks imo, but that extra bit of nostalgia is broken apparently :(

Awesome... just one complaint

I have gotten my money’s worth multiple times over! This is AMAZING! I love it more than the pc game; however, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add the underground view and scenery hide button!!! For instance I’m on Volcania, and I’m trying to finish building half pre-built roller coasters as the goal. I can’t see underground to see what has already been built. Plus, there are paths under the mountain that I have no clue where they go! But seriously, that is the ONLY problem!

Great game, has glitch though

Janitors get stuck in Queue line and exit ramps. The peeps constantly throw up and litter.

Please Update Hide Scenery Button

I can’t say there is anything I regret about purchasing this near-flawless rendition, so 5 stars is a given. However, please update the hide scenery button and underground view functions and all of those checkboxes next to it, to be user enabled permanently on each map. It is beyond frustrating to try and rapidly deploy rides on a map like fungus woods, when the trees “re-sprout” as soon as I lay the foundation for a pre-built ride(then you have to “opt + hide scene” again and again and again and again, to lay entrances, paths, etc., and it becomes frustrating beyond words). Same goes for working on underground maps, which become unbearable. If you just make it so that I check the hide scenery box once to hide the trees while I build, and they remain hidden until I uncheck the box to view them again, the gameplay would improve drastically, same goes for the other checkbox functions. Also I remember getting notifications with how many people died on crashed rides in the original pc version, so please bring that back. Running on iPad, thanks!

Love it!

Only thing is that I wish there was a sandbox mode.

Freezes When Loading

Loved the game until I went to go back to it and now it freezes every time I try to load my park. Hopefully I didn’t just waste $6. Very disappointed.

One of the greatest games of all time, now on your iPhone!

I used to love this game as a kid and they kept it exactly as it used to be but now on the iPhone. This game is amazing!

Happy that RCT is still available

Growing up in the PC boom era, I stumbled across this game originally. I bought the Corkscrew Follies Expansion pack as well. I’d play this game for hours upon end frequently. Later when RCT 3 came out for PC, I purchased it as well. I did not like 3 as much as I did the original. My opinion was there was too much eye candy to “ride” the coasters and such. Eventually, I lost the original RCT disk and once thought I would never play it again. Randomly, one time while shopping, I found RCT 2 on sale and found it to be extremely similar to the original and loved it as much as the first RCT. As I got older, RCT went to the wayside in my life. Also, due to PC operating systems and compatibility difference’s my ability to play RCT eventually diminished. Several years ago, I downloaded the RCT4 app for iPhone and thought that the game was decent. I played it a lot but did not like that limits in how to play it. I personally think in App purchases are solely gimmicks to get your money and avoid most games that it seemed like you had to spend money to make progress. At one time I gave up on RCT due to freezing and crashing issues I never reported. I recently downloaded RCT4 again on a whim to attempt to play it again and found a few bug issues. Luckily, shortly after downloading RCT4 again, I found this original game in the App Store. Being $6, I wanted to try it. After the initial start of playing it, I found it to be exact like the original from the late 90’s. After playing my first scenario, I found within the app, an ability to make an additional purchase to allow for Park creation and expansion. Of course, with this being a “Tycoon” game, I love the ability to make a massive park layout and pre-create what you would like for your park to be, well before spending any game money to build what you may want. I laid out the land, with water and walkways just to start, then create my own scenario in which is relatively easy to fulfill to “win” the scenario. RCT 1 has pre set parks and did not allow for much expansion outside of land that was available for purchase. After I would “win” the scenario, I would eventually remove everything on the land and flatten in to make a level park, and start over again by rebuilding the park how I wanted to. RCT2 would allow for park scenario creation as well as the expansion in this app will do so as well. Creating a park is not a complicated process due to following instructions. As far as items you can build in the game either to start with or have developed through the internal funding program, I make them all available at the start of my custom scenario. My thoughts are that IF you want high definition graphics, this game is not for you. This game is the PC version on an apple product. I love it and I am happy that Atari and Chris Sawyer have brought this game to the Apple store. The biggest downfall is the size of the map and the need to maneuver with a small screen, being on my iPhone 6s Plus. I would say a large iPad would be easier to play on. But, I will not own a phone that cannot fit in my pocket just to play a game on a bigger screen. Ultimately, I am glad this game made a come back to the modern technology. Hopefully other old software games will be retrofitted similar to RCT. I recall many “Tycoon” games from the Y2K era that were fun to play!

Love the game

Back to my childhood woohoo

Amazing Game

I could play this for hours! It’s just like the classic game I grew up with and I really cannot say enough good things about this game!


It is awesome to get to play this game again, haven’t since I was little. Bring back Zoo Tycoon too please!!

Almost the same

Pretty awesome. Really loved the original and the two expansions. Really pumped to find all that on here. One major disappointment is that I cannot choose to make my park run by admission to the park vs admission to individual rides. I would be really happy if they took it back to the original way and let people choose how they want to do their park. I also can’t figure out how change my view to hide things like hiding scenery, hiding rides, hiding people, underground view, stuff like that. I’m already a little nervous about certain parks I like playing. Not having the ability to change views like that will make things difficult. If it is possible to do and I just can’t find it needs to be made way easier. I feel like I’ve clicked everything without finding it so... yeah. Also, if there is ever a way to make this syncable with the steam version on my Mac that would be really great too.

Amazing! Now all I need is a Zoo!

This game brings back so many great memories of my childhood, if you haven’t for some reason played this yet you should, I also recommend buying some of the DLC like the custom one. Now all I wish is y’all would bring back Zoo Tycoon!

My favorite game growing up!

Exactly the same as the one I played when I was a kid. Awesome game, I can play for hours. Only downfall is the blurry graphics when you zoom in other than that I love it. Now bring back Zoo Tycoon!! :D

Thank you Atari

This makes my life complete.

Love it!

I used to play this game when I was a kid! So sad when I couldn’t find it when I was older but so happy it’s back. It’s my go to game while chilling at home, love making amazing parks! Best roller coaster game ever!!


This game is just like the original but there isn’t a sandbox mode. This is disappointing because as a kid I always played on that mode. Other than that the game is great and worth every penny. Please add the sandbox mode Atari!


It is extremely glitchy.

Very bad user experience

Pro There are many maps and roller coasters to select from Con User experience is bad. You have to take a long time to click very carefully. Very hard to implement my ideas many times. So I gave up and used the built in rides.

My Childhood, Returned!

When I was in elementary school, I loved to play RTC on my old brick of a computer. This game is an absolute blast from the past for me - in all of its isometric pixelated glory. The only problem I have with it is a minor glitch that sometimes kills the sound effects when I switch back to the app, but otherwise... it's an absolutely flawless port of one of my favorite childhood games. From someone who's super tired of the whole "pay for premium currency to win" method that mobile games seem to do constantly, thank you for porting this game.

Great port just annoying on iPhone X

It’s the same game you remember, however it’s not optimized for the iPhone X screen. Controls get layered on top of each other. Some features are behind the ear piece in landscape mode. Hoping for a fix soon.

Perfect in EVERY WAY.

I literally NEVER write reviews for apps, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this app. Not only was it worth every penny, but I feel like it’s the actual computer game I have so many memories attached to!! It’s the perfect balance of hard but manageable. Also, there is nothing annoying in it like it seems like there is in every other app today. This is like an old school game, no gimmicks, and I am OBSESSED. Thank you for not being overly greedy and listening when people said they wanted this. There are good people in the world still!!! 💗💗💗💗💗

Does not work for iPhone X

They have not released a platform that works for iPhone X yet the windows are too big and have problems moving them around and seeing the whole window PLEASE FIX!

It's the old roller coaster tycoon on computer

It's exactly the same, and has the same scenarios where you play a pre-built park. Plus extra. The person complaining about not being able to charge for admission hasn't played through all the scenarios. There's levels where you can charge admission and not for rides etc... There is no free form park so that's different. Also if you did some research about etc you'd find the tricks. The quickest way make money in any scenario is an old cheat that was on the computer version and it works on the phone and iPad too. You make the park admission price free, then for every ride you set the admission price to the excitement rating. so test rides before opening so you can set the price. Oh and you always round down to the nearest 10, so if the ride has an excitement rating of 7.87 (roller coasters are higher) you can charge $7.80 for it. If you do that, guests always ride your rides and most think it's a good value. Then you have tons of people running out of cash. When your value is dropping make sure you assign handymen to sweep their own section rather then placing a bunch randomly. Then make sure the park loops around so people can find the exit after they've gone through everything. You can even set all the guests who are saying "I wanna go home" over by the exit and they will leave and the value goes up.

My favorite game ever

Wish this worked a bit better on iPhone seems to cut out on sound every time I close screen or exit then come back to playing kinda ruins the game... cuz the sound is best part about rct back in day. Controls and everything else works flawlessly but no sound every time you just hold your phone or pause game is horrid.


Takes about 10 mins to get used too. Then it’s the best game ever. Just like the PC game.

Great game! One issue -fixed-

I love roller coaster tycoon 1 and 2 on PC. The controls on this game are intuitive and work well. There are just one issue that almost ruins this game. At least 2 roller coaster types don't allow you to go up or down hill when you choose to custom build them. This is a huge flaw that makes custom coasters pointless with those particular roller coasters. Which in a game about building roller coasters is pathetic. Fix your game!! Update: the broken roller coasters that wouldn't like you go up or down hill have been patched. Very nice to see a pay up front game care to make things right. Absolutely 5 star game. Also the hide supports/rides etc is hidden. Click pause then options. It took me a while to realize those features got ported over too.

I love this game but...

This is a great app but it is missing a sandbox mode.

Great, but it is hard to unlock tycoon park!

I have been a fan of this for a long time and I love the port of this! The only thing that I have had trouble with though is trying to get the park on the main menu screen where the settings are. I really want the tycoon park so bad, but is there anyway, any at all, to get the park without struggling to complete the whole gosh diddly darned thing?


I was loving this game, but now it is constantly crashing. I cannot play anymore because it never stays open long enough. Please fix this.

Great port with some interface issues.

I loved the originals growing up and this port to mobile doesn’t disappoint. Pretty much all of the content from RCT 1 & 2 has been faithfully adapted. Sometimes it comes to a fault because the windows are not optimized the best for smaller screens, and since getting an iPhone X, it can be near impossible to see the windows in full or reach the ‘x’ to close them (the ride construction ones in particular). Hopefully, an update may help manage this a bit better? Otherwise, I’m really excited to have a favorite game so ready at hand.


This game is perfect! Not many glitches, great gameplay! Overall it’s awesome! I do have 2 things to say though. The first is on the “toolkit” expansion I think it would be better to be able to add rides when creating the Park scenario along with making it easier to use the rides in the ride creator (which I have yet to figure out how to do) and also add a mode where possibly the park runs real time! Other then that I have nothing to complain about!

Don’t have your phone in low power mode

The app doesn’t work in low power mode but other wise it’s a ton of fun, wish it was a little easier to buy land instead of clicking each plot one at a time.

Great game

This game is amazing! By far the best game on the App Store. This is must buy for all you RCT fans.

Best Game EVER

Best app I ever bought! This will always be my favorite game.

iPhone X

Loving the game but it has yet to be optimized for the iPhone X

Near-perfect port

This has everything I love and remember from the original game, right down to being able to pop loose balloons and making ducks quack by clicking on them. I've been enjoying the trip back into my childhood, and it is more than worth the price of the app. My only complaints are a few glitches; some were from the original game so I don't mind those as much, but the most major is app-specific: whenever anything pops up on the screen (control panel if I'm trying to change volume or music, "20% battery remaining", etc) or if I switch out of the app, the game loses all audio. Sometimes closing the app fixes this, sometimes I have to do it 3 or 4 times before I get my audio back. I've rated it 4 stars out of 5 for this, and would re-rate if they can fix it.

Doesn’t have everything the original had.

Ok i have been playing this for quite a bit now and i was super hyped about it. Usually you don't see ported classic computer games for the phone like this. They usually water it down and pretend its anything like the original. So i was definitely pleasantly surprised by this. And it works really well. There are some odd glitches here and there with the scenario editor and the audio cuts out if you tap on a phone notification, but nothing i thought was too bad. Until i realized that theres definitely elements of the original game missing. Having some premade rollercoaster designs missing was one thing and i don't really care about that stuff, but theres actually scenery missing. This bothers me. Mainly the terrain tools. At least 6 other terrain sidings are missing... and at least 2 terrain grounds that make roofs. This makes a difference in gameplay because what they took out was the ability to make houses with the terrain. I know you can do it with whats in the walls and roofs scenery option but its definitely not the same and its also a massive pain to get right to do it that way if you are building something even somewhat large. So... not cool. Plus theres a bunch of paths and queue paths missing too. Not much... but enough. And its missing the ability to actually customize your paths. And the paths there are... most of them are yellow! It gives you like 7 different options of the same yellow path! Whats up with that??? So yeah no... not as good as the original yet. I can appreciate the improvements it HAS made to the original gameplay though. But I am definitely hoping that some time soon this app gets an update to actually give us paths and terrain like the original game had. Because now I'm just thinkin ok, what else is this game missing? Does it have less rides and stalls too? Idk. Its been so long i cant remember what it had and didn't have. But see you just cant skimp on these details. They're important.

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