RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic App Reviews

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Fun but doesn’t fit iPhone X

Please fix the layout to fit iPhone X.

Not optimized for iphone x

The game is hard to play on iPhone X because the construction windows pop up behind the menu bar which makes it very hard to close or move them. I love the game but it is super annoying to play on my phone because of this problem.

People stop asking for updates

This is a reaction it’s a classic it’s not meant to be changed so please stop asking for updates the only updates that may occur are iOS updates or better controls that should be all tho this is a classic not a brand new game that needs lots of updates it’s a classic.

Awsome game

I love that I could play this game any where I go since before I could only play it on my computer. Just one problem sometimes if I leave the app to go see a text or something the screen will freeze and I will have to restart it again. Only complaint thought so good game!

More stuff please

I would like it if this game have a more stuff like rock climbing and spa and hotel and hospital and elevator and escalator and ice skating rink and arcade room and I want more scenario like cloud heavens and please add scary theme like hell and future and space and spa aquarium and swimming pool to swim and water slides and trampoline park and please add more food like sushi and tacos and so please add more of those fun stuff and please add zoo and please add world scenario with world theme like China and Japan and korea and India and Africa and Europe and Mexico and please add get rid of hills fast tool and please add virtual reality and please add new roller coaster and attraction and stalls that I just mention and please add mall too and please add more staff like a lifeguard for a water park so no one drowns and you should add a directory staff so no one get lost and so someone can find there place and please add more different kind of roller coaster and please let us use real roller coaster design from other players and please let us visit other player roller coaster and please let us create our own scenario and our own roller coaster design and please put a holidays too and new stuff

No audio?

Can’t hear Park sounds or music. Tried with phone on silent and volume up and not on silent also volume up. Not on Bluetooth. Not on headphones. Wish this would be fixed but other than that love this game as always! I’ll fix the rating when audio is repaired.

iPhone X support

Please support new screen sizes

Great game but one minor problem....

I love this game, always have. When it was made available for the iPad I was excited. My only issue is this. I created my own park in the ride designer feature, went to play the scenario and after a while of building rides and scenery the “trees” and some other theming was missing in the tool bar. Is there a way to fix this? I hope so because I really love this game.

Absolutely beautiful.

Brought back so many memories , games like this will carry on to never getting old! Thank you for bringing this amazing game back! Highly addicting !

Need to fit the iPhone X correctly

Doesn’t fit the iPhone X correctly


I can’t recommend enough. They fixed everything bad about original (auto delete trees when building a coaster, not having to unclick mow lawn for handyman etc) not to mention this game was basically made to be click screen. It’s great!!!

Amazing app! But..

The app is really great, but I have trouble placing entrances and exists, please make that easier?

Needs Support for IphoneXS MaX

The only reason I’m giving this a 4 star is because it won’t fit on my new iPhones screen please update to fit on it!

Just buy it.

After being underwhelmed with other roller coaster tycoon games on iOS I wasn’t going to get this one. But after multiple reviews stating that it’s the exact same game as the original pc version I bought it thinking if they’re wrong what’s 7$ really worth in the long run? I was very happy that the reviews were correct and it’s the exact same game. I’ve completed several park challenges in the game and the only down side I can speak of is I’ve killed my battery playing this game so much. If you loved the original as I did then definitely buy it.

Love this game!

Love this game. It’s what I grew up with on the computer back in the 90’s. The only thing I would suggest as my children also love playing this game is adding a free play. The challenges are a little much for them. Other then that. I love this game.


Bought a new phone, need to load my progress. Please help


You should be able to build roller coasters in scenario editor

Good old times

Just like I remember it

I want to give it 5 stars BUT...

I want to give it five stars but I can’t change the admissions price... can you add that feature back! Other than that it’s great! Definitely brought back so many memories I love it but I hate that I create such beautiful parks that peeps can come into for free!!! Where’s the respect!

Great game, but needs some improvement

This version is fantastic. Just like the original. However, it’s missing a couple of key components. Not being able to set a park price means not making money very quickly, regardless of where you set ride prices. Seems I’m always in the red and have yet to see any kind of profit since I started the level, going into year 2. Also, the ability to use the “dig” function to simply clear the grass was a nice feature in the original. I could focus the handymen on cleaning trash and walkways instead of having them waste time mowing the lawn or hiring extra handymen.

Entry fees

Only reason why it isn’t a 5 Star is because of not being able to charge entry fees into the parks. I read earlier that you could and I now have played through 8 parks and couldn’t charge anyone to get in and I know on the original you could.

Game is freezing up

Great game at first.. bought it played it for two hours and the game continues to freeze now..lost half my progress because I forgot to save it. Deleted it re downloaded and now I’ve lost all progress game still freezes on iPhone 6 iOS. PLEASE Fix this game.

Absolutely 10/10

I can finally get rid of the old Dell laptop running Windows XP because this is the definitive RCT game on my iOS devices! I cannot believe the future is finally here...many thanks to the devs!


I love this game! However, there hasn’t been an update done to it in 8+ months. The app is crashing during certain parks & needs some bug fixes. I have submitted 2 support tickets & have heard nothing back! Please please PLEASE update the game! Also, this game has never been formatted for iPhone X the screen doesn’t fit at times!

Not compatible with iphoneX

I have had and been playing this game for years but now that i have an iphoneX i cant play it due to the screen being cut off. I cannot access my multiple parks and the typing box takes up the whole screen and i cant exit it unless i force quit the app. :(

Great game cannot buy DLC???

Game is fun but everytime i try to buy the DLC it keeps giving me error messages saying the transaction failed? Why?

Very good remake - one thing though

I saw this app and had to get it right away out of pure nostalgia. I was loving it, but one thing was bugging me. The entrance fee for parks isn’t changeable. It’s always set to free. This is very frustrating especially when you can’t expand or do very much because you aren’t getting money from an entrance fee.

WACK free Admission fee

That's the only downside. You're unable to change the admission price. It's automatically set to free for each park.

Why can’t you build a custom coaster that works

Every time I build a custom roller coaster, it doesn’t work- it goes backwards, or it never leaves the station. Please fix that!

Great, except...

Just like I remember. Same graphics and features and fun. The only bug is that it won’t let you change the park admission price. It’s stuck at free.

Finally!! A near-perfect mobile version

This is by far the best mobile port of any game I've played. It stays true to the original in every way: sounds, parks, graphics, etc. but adds touch controls perfectly. I remember the game being much harder when I was 11 so maybe I've just gotten better at the management aspect of the game, but the scenarios do seem a little easy. Still lots of fun though and totally worth the price. My only complaint is that cloud syncing doesn’t seem to work consistently. I’ll create a park on my phone, save it, then go to my iPad and it’s not there. I’ve tried force-closing and relaunching the app but it doesn’t seem to sync.

I wish more Tycoon Classics were made for IOS

I really hated all those ‘Tycoon’ style build your own park/house/farm where you are forced to wait forever or pay money to get the gizmos you want. I just want a fun game that I can build neat things and there are no extra charges except the occasional expansion packs. This was one of the first tycoon style games I played on my first computer and I loved building parks. So it was a joy to see it now available for my IPad. It’s easy to use although I still have trouble building roller coasters that are not too extreme (user error!). I hope the makes of Railroad and Zoo Tycoons consider bringing their games to the 21st Century!


Once I complete an objective, how do I move on to the next Park?!?

Amazing, nostalgic, offline game!

This game really brings me back to my childhood, I’d come home from school and play this on the pc! This game is the exact same as I remember it, right down to the nostalgic music! There are even more options for rides, decor, etc. Customization is much improved! Easy game to play and understand and YES it is OFFLINE, so you can play it anywhere anytime! Thank youuuuu! I love that we can still see what the guests are thinking, then you know what they like and what they need. Thank you so much for this game, I am a very very happy customer, 5 Stars!

Very difficult to play

I bought this game wanting to relive the glory days, but I was not able to get even one minute into the game. The interface is terrible unless you have a large iPad I would not recommend. Impossible to play

How do you go on rides yourself? Frustrating!!!!

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to ride a ride myself as I could in the original. Building certain rides and structures are nowhere near as easy or intuitive as the original was on computer and I find myself wishing I had a track pad or mouse. Maybe this just isn’t meant for mobile. You can’t zoom in on dialogue or buttons for easier access or even just to see better. All in all this game is almost more frustration than its worth. The nostalgia is there but this is meant for a computer and you can definitely feel it.

I never do reviews but I had to leave one

All I can say is wow. This is truly the exact same game I played as a kid. I’ve been so addicted to it, it’s crazy. Quit reading reviews and go download it!!!!


Played for about an hour. It crashed and it will not reopen.

Absolutely do not buy

I was super excited to get this game, and when I first opened it and chose my park everything was working fine. And now every single time I open the game the first 5 seconds it freezes, then crashes. Haven’t been able to play for longer then 5 seconds. I’m deleted and re downloaded and no difference. I’m also on the iPhone X so I know it’s not on my end. I would really appreciate it if I could have my money back. The absolute worst $6 I have ever spent.

Perfect besides one point

This game is just as much fun as the original one I played on the PC. It is fantastic. The new outline of maps works so well. Each grouping works up from simple to hard. There are a few problems with the game. The first is the size of the buttons. On an IPhone, the buttons are too small, but you get use to it after a while. The next problem is when digging holes, there is no way to make indents or slants. I doubt I am conveying this properly, but making ponds are a nightmare and a hassle. Finally, this is a personal nitpick but I wish some parks are either free park and payed rides or free rides and payed Park. I wish a few parks were both. This game is a blast. Perfect for quick pick up and play sessions. Making rides is fun and designing the park enjoyable. I so love playing this game. Get it, figure out the tricks, and each park turns into an enjoyable challenge to stretch your mind.

Too small

It is way way too small on my phone. It hurts my eyes to try to use it. Unusable as is.

Couple bugs

Awesome game but you can’t build custom roller coasters and on the iPhone X the display size is off and can’t use some menus and icons ....please fix

Not bad, not as expected

People are complaining about the entrance fee vs. ride fee. Honestly the scenario only cares about attendance and park rating. So blow up the loans and win the scenario. You don’t have to pay back the loans and it doesn’t matter. I’d still prefer the original mechanics of allowing entrance fees and ride fees. Then it’s really a ‘classic’ version. Either way I’m still enjoying playing one of my favorite games of all time.

This game is the G.O.A.T.

First of all, LOVE the game. I have been playing RCT on and off for 20 years. A few things: 1. Add the view button back so that users can toggle between underground view or hide scenery, rides, etc., with ease, like the original game. 2. The sync ride to adjacent station checkbox only works if the stations go the same direction, not the opposite. Please fix it so when I build by "Jousting" coaster, it doesn't immediately stop running. 3. I love you.


This game does not work properly do not purchase


Listen... any bad reviews must be coming from kids who weren’t an original RCT & RCT2 fan growing up. But for me, this is everything I could’ve asked for and more. Do you even know how long I’ve been trying to play the original RCT??? It’s been around 15 years since the last time I got to play it. Ever since then, I have been devising ways to play it that never seemed to work. When I found that it came to the iPhone, my life has finally felt like a void has been filled. My life is now complete. All the magic is still there. Whoever thought of the idea to put the original on the App Store, I wish I can hug you a million times. Whoever you are, I love you so much. Thank you for this. I can now relive my childhood.

What Happened?

Why did you destroy your franchise with the new touch version when this game was perfect. Sure we could use some updated graphics, why the micro transactions?! I’ll think different of your company from now on.


Everything is true to the original game the only thing I want changed is to be able to hold down the button to increase prices, loans, entrance fees and things like that. At the moment you have to click the button each time to increase it. Also being able to buy land without individually clicking each tile. Would be nice to click and drag over the land you want to buy. **Can you please make it so I don’t have to click each time I want to buy land!!! I’ve purchased the tool kit expansion so I can make my own scenarios and it’s so annoying to try to make your own park by selected what land you own by I individually clicking. I know you can increase the square so it’s 10x10 but please make it so you can click and drag or something!!!! Same goes for the loans. If I increase the loan amount in a scenario to 500,000 when I actually play the scenario I have to click the button each time instead of just holding it down. 2 easy fixes but it’s been over a year and neither have been fixed. PLEASE FIX THIS


The game is horrible and not worth the money it should be free

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